Focus for the ISBA

Building a Better ISBA Together

Perry Browder knows what it takes to work hard and get results. With more than 30 years of legal experience, Perry knows what it means to be a leader. Perry has built his career as a successful attorney, making a difference for thousands of clients. This means he knows how to listen, build consensus, and act decisively. He has leveraged this experience as an ISBA board member and asks for your vote to continue this important work as your Third Vice President.

What we can do together.

A strong professional organization is defined by the success of its members. The ISBA is such an organization. By building on the past successes of what all ISBA members have created and by embracing new ideas, Perry will establish a successful future for the ISBA and its members.

Here are a few items Perry plans to continue improving:

  • Increased collaboration, with more networking and referrals
  • Ensure better representation for our clients
  • Promote more efficiency and a more personal approach.

Perry believes that no matter the practice area, as long as Illinois attorneys continue to support each other, we can and will make a difference together.

How do we make this happen?

Illinois has a great history filled with excellent lawyers who have helped hundreds of thousands of clients, families, and individuals. The ISBA has been a legal leader for the past 185 years, and you, as members, have contributed to its legacy. By building on the past and embracing ideas for the future, we can build a better ISBA and profession that continues to serve us for the next 200 years.

Do we do things well as an ISBA family? Absolutely! Can we improve and do better? Yes, and we will! For example, a statement on race put out after George Floyd’s death that was well-intended was later retracted. Why? Because we could do better. Together, we listened and discussed and acted, and we did better. Through you as members, Dr. Mary Milano and Kenya Jenkins-Wright led the way, and the assembly, with your voices, acted.

We are now doing the same with the CBA/CBF task force report on the practice of law that covers issues such as non-lawyer ownership of law firms and non-lawyers practicing law. John Theis has followed, commented, and shared concerning the report. Together we can respond and address these concerns. We all agree that access to justice is a priority, but we need to know what it means, not just say it. Unified action creates strength. One voice will be noticed, but close to 30,000 voices will not be ignored.

Your ideas, collective concerns, and successes will become the direction of the ISBA. We have great professionals who work at the ISBA to help us accomplish our goals.

Together, we can serve our clients better.

Together, we can serve and support each other better.

Together, we can build an even better ISBA.

This campaign is not about what I can do for you, but what we can do together.

What I Would Like to Do

A. Hear from you and use your ideas, not just mine.

B. Build upon our past successes

  • Grow membership
  • Create new committees
  • Hold meetings in person and virtually
  • Enact legislation that protects our membership
  • Support charitable work, like IBF, LAP, Lawyers Care, COVID-19 Relief
  • Expand access to justice initiatives
  • How to practice CLE
  • Succession planning for seniors
  • Rural law initiative
  • Many more together

C. Embrace New Ideas

  • DEI - Diversity Equity Inclusion
  • Access to Justice
  • Network of Internship Lawyers
  • Recruiting all new admittees
  • Connecting with law schools
  • Review of membership fees for legal aid and public employees
  • Member concern network outreach to lapsed members
  • Meet the Board of Governors videos
  • Developing a network with all local bar associations
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