Supporters for Perry Browder

Thank you for your interest in supporting my campaign

Due to COVID-19, the ISBA is only allowing electronic supporter signatures through their website.

This creates an added layer of work for you and I truly appreciate your time in signing my supporter list.

To become a supporter, please click on the link below:

1. You will be prompted to log in with your ISBA account information

2. After logging in, you will be taken to the ISBA home page. Scroll down to the "Notice of ISBA Election" section and click the "Find Out More" button.

3. On the ISBA Elections page, click "Sign nominating petitions for candidates or create your own petition"

4. On the Candidate Nominating Petitions page, scroll down to the "Sign Petitions" section and click "Perry J. Browder"

5. Scroll to the bottom of the petition page and click the "Sign This Petition" button.

Thank you again for supporting me in my campaign for ISBA 3rd Vice President!


  • Howard Ankin, Chicago
  • Joseph Balesteri, Chicago
  • John Barnerd, Alton
  • Margaret Battersby Black, Chicago
  • Dennis Berkbigler, Effingham
  • Donald Bernardi, Normal
  • Joseph Bisceglia, Chicago
  • Michael Block, Joliet
  • Michael Bonamarte, Chicago
  • Adam Bragee, Edwardsville
  • Deane Brown, Chicago
  • Thomas Burns, Chicago
  • Kathy Byrne, Chicago
  • David Cates, Swansea
  • Robert Clifford, Chicago
  • Kathryn Conway, Chicago
  • Kevin Conway, Chicago
  • John Cooney, Chicago
  • Philip Corboy, Jr., Chicago
  • Bradley Cosgrove, Chicago
  • Barb Crowder, Edwardsville
  • Umberto Davi, Western Springs, IL
  • Michael Drumke, Chicago
  • Matthew Dudley, Libertyville
  • Bridget Duignan, Chicago
  • Timothy Eaton, Chicago
  • Karen Enright, Chicago
  • Myles Epperson, Edwardsville
  • Herb Franks, Marengo
  • Jack Franks, Marengo
  • Jeffrey Frederick, Urbana
  • Keith Fruehling, Champaign
  • Clarissa Gaff, E. St. Louis
  • David Galanti, Bethalto
  • Amy Garrett, Edwardsville
  • Ted Gianaris, Edwardsville
  • Mark Goldenberg, Edwardsville
  • Richard Goldenhersh, Belleville
  • Beth Gori, Edwardsville
  • Christopher Guinn, Troy
  • Shane Hampton, Godfrey
  • Russ Hartigan, Western Springs, IL
  • Ann Hatch, Belleville
  • Rebecca Hausman, Alton
  • Jeffrey Hebrank, Edwardsville
  • William Heinz, Chicago
  • Michael Hickey, Belleville
  • Bryan Hopkins, St. Louis
  • Jay Janssen, Peoria
  • Jennifer Johnson, Edwardsville
  • Karoline Carstens, Alton
  • Tom Keefe, Belleville
  • Timothy Kelly, Bloomington
  • Sarah King, Chicago
  • John Kurowski, O'Fallon
  • Jerry Latherow, Chicago
  • James Lestikow, Springfield
  • George Leynaud, Peru
  • Dominic LoVerde, Chicago
  • David Menchetti, Chicago
  • James McCluskey, Naperville
  • Chase Molchin, Bloomington
  • James Morici, Chicago
  • Holly Nighbert, Alton
  • Kenneth Nussbaumer, St. Louis
  • Terry O'Leary, Granite City
  • Giambattista Patti, Millstadt
  • Matthew Pelikan, St. Louis
  • Kent Plotner, Edwardsville
  • Jo Anna Pollock, Alton
  • Joseph Power, Chicago
  • Mark Prince, Marion
  • James Radcliffe, Belleville
  • Jose Rivero, Chicago
  • Larry Rogers, Jr., Chicago
  • Mark Rouleau, Rockford
  • David Sachs, Chicago
  • Sarah Salger, Edwardsville
  • Patrick Salvi, II, Waukegan
  • Manuel Sanchez, Chicago
  • William Schiller, Glenview
  • Shane Schmidt, St. Louis
  • Melissa Schopfer, St. Louis
  • Russell Scott, Swansea
  • Greg Shevlin, Belleville
  • William Shultz, O'Fallon
  • Luther Simmons, Alton
  • John Simmons, Alton
  • Todd Smith, Chicago
  • John Storino, Chicago
  • Lawrence Taliana, Edwardsville
  • Ross Titzer, St. Louis
  • Timothy Tomasik, Chicago
  • Samantha Unsell, Belleville
  • Donald Ward, St. Louis
  • David Weder, St. Louis
  • Megan Williams, Alton
  • Nelson Wood, Mt. Vernon
  • Robert Woodward, Edwardsville
  • Richard Zuckerman, Peoria
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